Tuesday, May 6, 2014

placenta cream. does it make me look younger?

When you are a teacher, you get wonderful presents every Christmas.  These include candles, mugs, gift cards, candies, and many homemade goodies.  This year, I was also given a particularly unique and special gift: placenta face cream.

When I first opened this gift, I was a little bit surprised.  I wondered if it was a hint, saying that I was looking old.  Maybe my pores were stressed out due to all of the new standards I had to teach, the observations, and the Christmas shopping yet to be done, or maybe I just needed a facial.  Who knows? However, the thought of rubbing placenta all over my face frightened me a bit.

Now my life has taken a turn and everything is new and different.  I am living life as a single mom with one ovary (due to the ectopic pregnancy a month back), finding myself again, and trying to focus on health.  When I come to think of it, placenta cream does not seem as terrifying as it did back in December compared to all of my new adversities.  So, in hopes that the magic placenta makes my skin turn back time ten years, I will wipe it all over my face and neck. 

You be the judge.  Do I look younger?

Yes, I did have to take "selfies" for this blog post.

Well, I must say that the placenta cream leaves a cold and tingly feeling on your face.  If you are in the mood to find your womanly side or have extra placenta-y vibes, then I recommend this cream.  It receives four stars out of five on the face.


~a~ said...

SOOOO much younger looking ;) I think I need some of that (insert Sarah's comment here).

Laura said...

I think your hair makes you look younger, not the placenta. Did you get it cut yet?