Thursday, May 1, 2014

the new life. how I rock the single-mom thing.

1.) Wine. Drink wine once the children are in bed.

2.) Have a date night with the two most handsome men on the planet, Carlo and Eli.  Go to the mall to play on the climbing things and then go to Menchies because Fro-Yo rocks my toddler dance party.

3.) Stock up on creamer.  Drink it with lots and lots of coffee. Starbucks is too much of a money-suck now.

4.) More wine. 

5.) Attempt to go out on the town with your friends, eat lots of Puerto Rican food, get tired and go into a food coma by 11:00, and head into a cozy bed.

6.) Make a dating profile on, with Monika who is my best friend since I was five. This is an Indian dating website.  No, I am not from India.

7.) Never check your Shaati profile because most of the men responding are trying to get their green cards from India and I am not ready to date anyway.

8.) Wine again.

9.)  Straighten hair.  Apply the best mascara ever called Younique. (Thanks Kim!)  It is time for a new look now.

10.) Rock out to every country music song ever invented and dream of being like Carrie Underwood.

11.) More wine?

12.) Snuggles and stories at bedtime with the boys. On a sidenote, Carlo keeps asking me to make green eggs and ham again like Dr. Seuss.

* Okay, I am not an alcoholic and am exaggerating the whole wine thing. But a jello shot sounds fun, right Sandy?


~a~ said...

Sounds pretty great to me :) We should have a wine and fro-yo playdate. Maybe someone makes wine fro-yo?

Nancy Murray said...

Nice to see the "cozy nook" is back. Love you Steph!

Deepa Parashar said...

I want to join your froyo toddler dance party. :)

Steph said...

Yes. I am all about wine flavored froyo. Someone must invent it quickly. :)

Steph said...
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