Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Type of Therapy: Shoe Therapy

I have been pretty down lately, but to counteract that I have found a remedy.  No, it is not alcohol or the herbal substances now newly legal in Washington (though tempting) but an accessory I wear daily: shoes. Whenever I am sad, a new pair will always brighten my day. It's like a massage for my feet. Well, let's be honest. Most cute shoes are not comfortable, but nevertheless, I cannot resist a pair if I see them.

You see, shoes are always there for me.  They protect a girl from a harmful tack or a rogue nail.  They comfort me in the cold and wrap me in warmth.  They can be sexy or sensible or practical or just fun and crazy.  I am in love with shoes. They can be my next boyfriend.

A heeled pump has the power to make me feel proud, strong, and independent.  A slipper makes me relaxed and at ease. Whereas, a good tennis shoe indicates that I am feeling athletic and fit, even if I haven't hit the gym in a month.  It is in the power of the mind and the power of the foot. 

I used to own maybe two or three pairs of shoes.  Lately, I have been buying many shoes.  I have a shoe for every occasion, and decided a collection might be in order. See below for the shoes I have purchased within the last month...

I bought these at Payless Shoes for $12, and yes, two eight year old girls in my class have the exact same shoes.  Awesome. Perhaps, this was not my best purchase.

These were a DSW purchase along with the others to follow.  I liked how they reminded me of my salsa dancing days ten years ago.

I fell in love with this pair because of the pretty feminine flowers on the top.  Cute, but yet, the gold makes them a little sassy.  I gotta have some sassy in my life.

Please notice the sparkly crystals on this turquoise pair.  I am an almost 32 year old who is still obsessed with glitter.

This pair is designed by Jessica Simpson.  I know, I know.  You all wish you had shoes that were designed by such an awesome diva. 

Which pair should I wear tomorrow?

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Nancy Murray said...

WOW!! You hit the jackpot, they are ALL so cute. I particularly like the pair with the flower. Unfortunately, this is the style I need. 👟