Saturday, June 7, 2014

Indulging My Addiction

Some people are addicted to alcohol, and some people are addicted to heroine or meth, but my drug of choice definitely has to be carbs and chocolate.  Thanks to my great friend and neighbor Kim, I was introduced to the best bakery I have ever been to.  It is located in Renton and is brand new.  It is called Flour, Sugar, and More Bakery and it is a hidden gem, and I got to enjoy it on a Mama's Night Out.

Luckily, this amazing bakery was introduced to me on a day where I needed chocolate more than anything; earlier that day I had dressed up as a pioneer school teacher, and whipped my ruler around like a crazy lady.  The kids had a spelling bee, a hoe down, recited their pioneer poems, and were treated to a day of good ol' fashioned pioneer fun, but it was ex-haust-ing to say the least. 

Anyway, when I walked in the door of Flour, Sugar, and More, all of that was forgotten; I was smacked with the delicious aroma of chocolate.  Get this; it was real homemade chocolate too. Mariana, the kindest and most talented owner and baker, makes all of her own chocolate from various cacao powders. From scratch.  Who makes their own chocolate from scratch?  Pretty much nobody. But Mariana does and you can tell.

Once inside, a sweet tooth could find macaroons, cakes, Mexican breads, the best hot chocolate you will ever have in your life- hands down, and delicious tarts with exotic flavors like passion fruit or guava.  They were to die for, inexpensive, and perfect.

Have you ever watched that movie Chocolate with Johny Depp?  Well, I kind of felt like Johny Depp was going to walk through the door as I sat there sipping my hot chocolate. I am not gonna lie.  See, here is walking through the door now...

I love exploring new places, and finding hidden restaurants, which are not overcrowded and compact, but cute, clean, and fun, and this place had it all.  It has only been open for 18 days, but it feels like its been around for a while.  You definitely have to check out the facebook page, and visit Flour, Sugar, and More when you get a chance.  I promise.  It will be worth the hunt and the experience.   

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