Thursday, July 24, 2014

Makeover Session

Do you ever have one of those days when the alarm goes off (or your toddler is poking your face) and all you want to do is roll over and pull the covers on top of your head and never emerge? Well, I had one of those days this morning.  I could not muster the strength to greet the day.  But then I remembered... today was makeover day! Hollar!

My wonderful neighbor Kim is an official makeup seller/kindest person alive connoisseur.  She sells Younique Makeup because she fell in love with her skin after using the moisturizer and loves the natural feel of it.  Kim offered to show me her wonderful stash of makeup for my "night on the town" (okay, really Safeway) and I quickly took her up on the opportunity. Now I am hot to trot, or really I just drink that wine; I am not sure which.

Any way, we took some awesome (scary beyond all possible reason) pictures of me sans make up first. Then she used  cleansers that made my face squeaky clean, and it looked like silver fun.  Finally, we applied the best two products of my life.

Product 1: Magical Mascara from God (AKA Younique 3D Fiber Lashes) 
Okay, brace yourself and look at my lashes in the before pics.  I know. You can't see them, because I pretty much don't have any.  I inherited the gene from my dad who got them from Grandma.  Anyhow, my lashes are not great. But the tricky thing is, if you look at the after pics, you will notice that I actually have eye lashes. They grew, but not really.  The Magical Mascara from God (Younique 3D fiber lashes) actually made them appear to be longer but I didn't have to stick cruddy false eyelashes on me.  Super exciting for me and super amazing.  This is totally my favorite product ever.

Product 2: Sexy Eye Shadow
Yes, it is actually called Sexy. Who wouldn't want sexy eyes? I know I like them, but the color "Sexy" looks amazing in the dark or light. (We were doing this at dusk, so I got to experience all lighting scenarios in case you were interested.)  Anyway, I love Sexy.  Enough said.

Okay, I will stop rambling and show you the before and after pics now.



If you are interested in buying the best mascara known to man, or selling this product too for some extra cash, then you can go to Kim's website: .

Okay, at the end of my photo shoot, I felt the need to take some glamour shots and hideous selfies. Enjoy making fun of me for eternity.


Carol B said...

You look gorgeous before and after. I just may have to check out that mascara!

Kim Harer said...

Carol B. It's neighbor Kim! You can check it out here at or e-mail me at I have some on stock and would be able to mail it out! It really is Magic! You will not regret this purchase. You are guaranteed to LOVE it or money back! Trust me, you will not want to let it go! In fact, you will probably wonder how you have never heard of it before!

Nancy Murray said...

You are beautiful inside and out.

Connie Marie Taylor said...

I loved the real picture you posted on facebook but ya, the beautiful natural glow of the after is very pretty too. :-)