Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Michael Penney Obsession

So, I am in love with an East Coast Canadian designer by the name of Michael Penney.  In fact, he is my new decorating boyfriend. (Just kidding Gerardo!)  We have never met, and I am pretty sure he doesn't know that I exist, but I stalk his website like none other. 

Have you checked it out yet?  If you are like me, once you start, you will never be able to stop.  It is like I opened pandora's box and I can't find my way out! 

Michael owns this adorable little shop and always posts about quirky thrift store finds and DIY projects that anyone can try at home.  (Trust me, I have tried many of his DIY and will show you the results here later.)  His style is very Maine and coastal.  He always mixes the old with the new and has that just right accessory to add to your house.  The only problem is that he is on the total opposite end of the N. American continent than me.   

Check out his amazing website at: http://www.michaelpenneystyle.com/

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