Sunday, January 19, 2014

project #1: the principal bathroom

So, when we bought this house, the first project had to be the principal bathroom.  I mean, who doesn't dream about having a spa like bath in their house? And when your husband is a master tile setter, dreams can come true, if you're patient.

Gerardo worked evenings and weekends to get it done, and worked harder than ever.  I probably didn't make things better with all my fancy ideas like multiple shower heads, rainshowers, in floor heating, built in shampoo shelves, chameleon vents, and infinity drains. 

Check out the before and after pics below!
Here is the bathroom "Before Picture."  Take note of the ugly vinyl and dirty tile. 

Gerardo build a bench, so when we are old and grey, we can relax and sit while we watch (and not break a hip)!

Gerardo framed the mirror out in tile and built a shelf into the wall for toiletries. It's super cute and convenient.

Check out the drain! Wait, you don't see it? That's because its an infinity drain that drains against the back wall.  The shower is on a slope and the water collects on the back wall.

Here is the shampoo shelf in the shower.  The top is at a radius, and it was pretty cool to watch how Gerardo built it in tiny pieces. 

I love my new bath!

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