Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sister Laura Attempts a DIY Dresser. Will it be a disaster or delightful?

Brace yourselves.  My sister, Laura Hoel, is attempting her first DIY dresser project.  Will she succeed? 
Dresser vs. Laura

Laura is very smart, an amazing basketball player, a good problem solver and level headed, but a DIYer? We shall see.

 The task Laura is trying to solve: turn an ugly dresser that was found at the Goodwill into a custom masterpiece.  The planned steps she will take are outlined below:

 Laura wrestled with the sander, rubbed and scrubbed with the sand paper, got paint all over her body and the garage; the wallpaper was stuck to the doors and her hands, but Laura came out victorious.  She turned her ugly duckling of a dresser into a beautiful swam.

 That self-adhesive wallpaper was amazing in and of itself.  It came in huge strips that could be peeled away like stickers, and was super easy to remove.  I had never seen anything like it.  Check out the link if you are interested in wallpaper but change your remodeling mind every ten seconds like me!  It is affordable too. You can get 4 square feet for $32.

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Laura said...

What an amazing project! I am going to try this!