Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick Update: Change Out the Hardware on a Cabinet

Here are some awesome knobs that I found on and I put the collection together.  There were so many to chose from, I couldn't decide what I liked best.

I am a girl with many ideas about home decor and how to reorganize a space;  many, many ideas, but probably too many, if you ask my husband.  I can reorganize and redecorate a room in my mind in about ten minutes.  These spaces contain grand pieces of furniture, quirky sculptures, lively art, and beautiful flooring and trim. (Mind you, this is all in my imagination.)

However, in all reality, my creative ideas are well and great, but the truth is, I have a very hard time executing them.  I cannot build very well.   That is an understatement.  I cannot build at all.  For example, in my classroom, I ordered a cool book organizer shelf that only requires the screwing in of about four screws.  I struggled with it for about half an hour, cut my finger, and then shoved the rack in my Civic trunk for Gerardo to put together later that night.  It took him about five minutes. 

Maybe that is why we are meant for each other.  I can think of grand ideas, and he executes them to perfection.  He is so detailed that I know the finished product will be perfect everytime. 

But I have come up with a project that even I can execute:  For a newer look on cabinetry, all you have to do is change out the hardware.  It is that simple.  Check out the desk area that Gerardo is building in our guestroom.  He installed used cabinets with older hardware, and then I, who am I kidding-Gerardo, installed them. (But I could have if I wanted to!)  The old used cabinets were brought back to life after a coat of paint and a new knob or two.

Check out the pictures below:

Check out the plain silver knobs on the desk now. Please ignore the mess, because it's under construction.

I like shiney things, I swear I am like a pack rat, so I collect them.  Thus, I chose the glittery glass knobs as the new knob selection to the desk. 


Here is Carlo photo-bombing my knob picture. Sigh. Stephen Brousseau, I need you now.:)

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