Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Signs by Sarah McKenzie

              Featuring the Amazing and Talented:
                            Sarah McKenzie

At my wedding shower, I received the perfect wedding gift.  It was adorable, personalized, sentimental, and really meant something.  It was a custom sign by Sarah McKenzie. 

Sarah is not only supremely organized but she is creative and knows how to find the best and most amazing fonts.  (Maybe it comes from her wonderful teacher ways!)   She paints the background of the signs in the color of your choice and uses her vinyl letter machine to create the words.  The entire package is complete with adorable bows on the side if you request them.

Check out the signs below!


The best part about the custom wedding signs from Sarah is that they only cost $25 (not including shipping) and they last a life time. 

She even does super cute signs to hang around the house.  Check it out!

Please keep your pants on if you are reading this at work.

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