Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Art of the Photo Finish: Kim and Stephen Brousseau


I am one of those girls who looks at the fantastic new baby and belly pictures and oohs and awws every time.  I never got professional shots of my belly or my boys upon arrival, and it is one of those things that I regret.  I mean, as I get older and watch the boys grow, I realize that time slips by so fast that unless you take a second to breathe and freeze frame, it's gone. 

I was flipping through friends' pictures online and came across Kelly's adorable baby belly, full of twins, out there in full glory.  It truly was beautiful to see.  Kelly is just gorgeous and the photos that Stephen Brousseau took accentuated her beauty. I love the natural poses he uses, thanks to Kim's research assistance, and the adorable props. What woman does not sigh at the sight of tiny baby shoes?

Stephen also captured wonderful family phots this year at the pumpkin patch.  It's such a wonderful way to remember some fun family time.  He really does a nice job capturing the small moments and editing them to perfection. 

Check out the sun behind Blake.  The lighting and angle of this shot is truly creative and unique.  I have tried to capture Eli and Carlo like this and I typically get goofy faces or photo bombs from Carlo.  And yes, he does photo-bomb at the age of three and a half.
I am in love with the props in this one. I am a sucker for symmetry.  Hey, what teacher isn't obsessed with order and organization?  I also think Blake looks like the heavens are smiling down on him.
New plan for me: get some adorable pics of the boys for this momma before they are already big boys! Shoot, Eli is already biting Carlo and they are fighting over the Lightning McQueen cars. I guess I better get on this!

Look at Stephen's website below to see the wonders of his work.  He also does fabulous landscapes, wildlife (who wouldn't want cute pics of their dog as well?) and other works. 

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