Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carlo De Jesus's 10 Tips and Tricks to Going to Bed as Late as Possible

Step 1: Trick Mom into reading as many bedtime stories as possible and then pick the longest books you can think of.

Step 2: Tell Mom that you have to go to the bathroom but really play with your bath time toys.

Step 3: Get all wet while you are playing with your bath toys so you need to change into your pajamas again.

Step 4: Put your underwear on backwards on purpose to take up more time.

Step 5: Put your pajamas on as slowly as possible.

Step 6: Once you are in bed, ask Mom for a tiny bit of water.

Step 7: Now ask Mom to rub lotion all over your back.  You know she cannot resist because you have eczema

Step 8: Get out of bed to put the music on in the noise maker thingy.

Step 9: Leave your favorite bedtime stuffed animal in the bathroom on purpose.  Then call Mom to come and get him.

Step 9: Wait five minutes.  Call Mom again and say, "There is wax and dirt in my ear."

Step 10: Call Mom yet again because the hall light is not bright enough.

But then silence...... So Mom checks in on him 15 minutes later.....


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