Sunday, March 9, 2014

Half-white People Problems

Gerardo is Mexican.  I am a white American mutt.  Therefore, our sons are half Mexican and half American mutt, so we sometimes run into scenarios that the typical unblended family may not run into. 

For example, tonight we were at Red Robin having dinner.  Gerardo and I ordered wraps and Carlo and Eli split an order of spaghetti and broccoli.  The grown ups got fries however, and we promised to share some with the crazies.  But, the fries came at a price.  Carlo needed to use his Spanish in order to get them.  This is how the conversation unfolded.

Carlo: Can I have some fries please?
Gerardo: Por que? (What do you say?)
Carlo: Por favor. (Please)
Gerardo: Can you say the whole thing in Spanish?
Carlo: No. I forget.
Gerardo: Si mi da una papa por favor.
Carlo: Si mi da una papa por favor. (Repeated.)
Carlo gets a fry.

Every ten seconds thereafter, the same conversation was repeated until the end of dinner.  As Carlo and Gerardo were getting up to meet Eli and me in the parking lot, this was said:

Carlo: Dad, I forget.
Gerardo: What did you forget?
Carlo: I forget the password for fries. Can you tell me the password again?

Hmmmm.... I think we need to get on this whole bilingual thing a little more in the De Jesus household. 

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