Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham. Poem Disaster.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

At school, it is Read Across America Week, and Dr. Seuss's birthday, so obviously, I could not resist the chance to make green eggs and ham for the family. Let's face it; scrambled eggs are the easiest thing in the world to make, so it is kind of like a get-out-of-jail-free card to make them for dinner.

Therefore, in honor of the great rhyming king, I have created this wonderful poem to showcase my Safeway shopping spree and dinner escapades. It is dedicated to Lauren Engel because of all the crappy poems I made her listen to in high school.

Carlo and Eli came to school,
I picked them up because I am no fool.
To Safeway, to Safeway, did travel us three,
In the milk aisle, Carlo did have to go pee.
With Starbucks in hand and green dye on the mind
I came upon this interesting behind.
We bought some food and searched for green dye
Carlo saw this and went for a ride.
Eli did yell throughout the store
Screaming because he tasted sweet bread and wanted more
The screaming continued as we checked out with our money
The last descriptive word on my mind was "honey.."
Gerardo did call a few minutes after that
To tell me in his truck on the way home, he sat.
When asking about dinner tonight,
I told him green eggs and ham were out of sight.
Gerardo thought he misheard me on the line
Though, the cell reception was fine.
I told him about our dinner plans
But Carlo and Gerardo and Eli were not big fans.
Being from Mexico, he did not know Dr. Seuss,
Now, I will introduce them and they will be tight, not loose.
Thank you, thank you.  I will now keep my day job. 


Kathy Engel said...

Steph, you're just as funny now as you were then.

So clever you are, you will go far!

Love, Kathy

Steph said...

Thanks Kathy! I hope you enjoy being a grandma again. Congrats to Lauren and beautiful Xander.

Laura said...

I'm not gonna lie - that's a pretty rough poem.

Steph said...

I try. What can I say?