Thursday, March 6, 2014

Part One: Can Lulu and Linen and Liza Transform Me into All Things Fashion???

I read the blog Lulu and Linen weekly. It is fun, super cute, and the fonts are superb.  Lulu does an excellent job with "all things home" and creates a chalk board wall complete with adorable words. But, to be honest, my favorite blog posts of hers are the ones about fashion.  Lulu finds the best outfit combinations, which are complete with matching shoes and jewelry.  I heart them, and in my pretend fantasy life, I dress like Lulu.  This is one of Lulu's outfits.  Check out her blog to see Lulu go Vegas Style!

Much like Lulu, my coworker Liza Rickey, stays up to date on the current trends.  Liza has the perfect boot for every occasion.  She knows what the current trends are and sports them well. For example, Liza had pink hair highlights when they were in.  I thought she was awesome for doing it and I secretly wanted to have red highlights at the time. I totally wussed out though, and now they are not so cool anymore.  She also sports studded jewelry and leather in appropriate ways. Amazing.  I would look like a biker lady on her way to Sturgis if I tried it.  Here are some sexy outfits Liza wears out on the town.

 She even looks adorable in sweats and finds the perfect top for the first day of school. 

Liza says that the best accessory to any outfit is confidence.  This happens to be lucky for me because when I get home from work, I tend to sport these trends:

Trend 1: The dishelved knee sock from Gerardo's drawer. Yes, the heel part is no longer on the heel.

Trend 2: The sweatpants with paint on the bottom from my DIY project.

Trend 3: Gerardo's grey undershirt/wifebeater. 

I can really use a little  tons of help from the Lulu and Linen blog and Liza.  Makeover session in store for me??? We shall see.  (Gerardo is secretly praying for this to come to fruition.)


Steph said...

So darn funny. Let's make a hair and facial date. What do you say?

Steph said...

I like it! As you can see, I can use all the help I can get. :)

Laura said...

Shout out to Lorelei and the Sturgis reference!