Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dan the "Pappy Log" Man


"Cool!" was the first word that Carlo yelled when I met him at work on Monday.  No, he didn't think his mom was "epic" or "amazing" or "awesome."  He basically saw the new toys that I was carrying and was super excited about them.  The toys were Pappy Logs (or Lincoln Log blocks) as Carlo called them, and they were new and ready to use.  Carlo was so excited to see them that he wanted to hold them the whole way home.

As it turns out, Dan Howard, our amazing IT guy at Newcastle, is also an extraordinary Pappy Log maker;   Dan has multiple talents. He builds stuff and knows computers. At Newcastle, Dan calmly enters my room when I send him frantic emails because I forgot to plug in my computer and have no idea why it is not functioning;  when special friends decide to be sneaky and stick the lens cap back on my document camera so I think it is broken, Dan's always there to come and remove it.  However, in addition to all that at work, Dan has hidden builder's talents.  He makes Pappy Logs and builds fantastic real cabins up in the mountains.

Pappy Logs are Dan's newest and best invention in my opinion, because they keep my children occupied for extended amounts of time.  They are basically gigantic Lincoln Logs that are ten times more fun than normal Lincoln Logs. He makes them himself and gives them as gifts to the grand kids.  Check out his blog here to see how they are made:

In the pictures below, you will find my boys playing a nice and relaxing game with their cars and new favorite toys.

 In this picture Carlo is hoarding the Pappy Logs and shoving Eli so he can't get near them.

Here Eli is not taking any of his brother's crap, and he decides to play with the Pappy Logs any way.

Don't be fooled by the innocent exterior.  Eli just whacked Carlo with a Pappy Log and is now pleased with himself because he gets to play with the toys too.
Now Carlo is an alien.

Here Carlo has decided to reenact the Cars movie by building a race track with the Pappy Logs; You will notice that he is placing the announcers with their headsets on top of the track, creating an audience of "slow cars" that are not allowed on the race track to the right, and setting up a very fast race within the course. (No slow cars allowed.) 
Eli tries to partake in the fun, but big brother banishes him to the other side of the couch.
Love, love, love these Pappy Logs Dan!  Thanks for the amazing set!  They are being put to good use already.

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