Saturday, March 1, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness with Michelle's Snickerdoodles

Michelle Robinson's Most Wonderful Snickerdoodle Recipe in the Whole World
At Newcastle Elementary, February was "Random Acts of Kindness Month."  The idea was that teachers and students alike would go out of their way to do something nice for someone else.  It's a pretty great idea, because it helped me pause for a minute and reflect on how to incorporate small kind gestures into my day to day life and how to teach my kids (classroom and home) to do the same.  At school, I made a big to-do about it on Valentines Day, and we spent the whole day reflecting on ourselves and each other by writing cards, reading stories, creating art, and helping others. 
It was wonderful and overdue.  Sometimes the stress of getting everything done and all the standards met makes me forget to pause and teach the important life lessons of friendship, compassion, and cooperation.  These lessons are equally, if not more important, than the lesson that I teach about the Author's Point of View or how to find the mode in a data set.  I need to remind myself and give myself permission to pause, reflect, and give my students the same freedom.
Anyway, since today was the last day of February and I had not yet taught my own children what "Random Acts of Kindness" was, I knew that today had to be the day.  What better way to attack "Random Acts of Kindess" than with Snickerdoodles, and not just any Snickerdoodles, the best Snickerdoodles in the whole world?  Michelle sent me the recipe today, and I knew I had to try them and then deliver them to our neighbors.
So, once again, Carlo and I were in the kitchen, and Eli joined us in his highchair for another round of Top Chef in the De Jesus household.
Here is how our "lesson in kindness" went.
Before we even started cooking this happened:

"Who turned off the lights Mommy?" (Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to import this vertically.)

Immediately thereafter, I needed to do dishes...

 Eli wanted to hang out with us in the kitchen.

Eli tries to get my camera.

Carlo attempts to lick an eggshell.

Here is Carlo photo-bombing my picture of Eli dropping his cup again.

 Carlo blows  milk bubbles.

I have a panic attack, because I doubled the recipe and I am almost positive that I don't have enough flour. But I do.

Carlo licks the beater and shares it with Eli.

Carlo is bored with the whole baking thing and decides to ride his scooter in the kitchen instead.
Then Carlo attempts to trap Eli under the basket, but Eli is having none of that.

Snickerdoodles are complete, and we deliver to our neighbors.  They are the best Snickerdoodles I have ever had.  Thanks for the recipe Michelle!
1 C. Butter (melted)
1 ½ C. Sugar
2 Eggs
2 tsp. Cream of Tarter
1 tsp. Baking Soda
¼ tsp. salt
Mix all the ingredients except the flour.
2 ¾ C. Flour (I always add more flour, I think it’s best when the dough is dull in color(not shiny from the butter) and it doesn’t stick to your fingers.)
Roll dough into balls and roll into a sugar and cinnamon mix (to taste)
Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes (I take them out around 8 minutes and let them sit a minute before removing them from the cookie sheet.

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