Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MJ Keller is my "Great Teacher" this week

This Week's Great Teacher Award goes to: MJ Keller
MJ Keller is my "Great Teacher" this week because she is extremely dedicated, hardworking, technologically gifted, crafty, and thoughtful.  MJ will go out of her way on the first day of school, and every holiday thereafter, to make sure her teammates have an adorable crafty treat waiting at their doorstep.  One day it will be the perfect clipboard that you never knew you had to have, and the next day, it will be a quick snack that is packaged to perfection.  Additionally, MJ takes the time and effort to help bring on new teachers and mentor them in all things education.  She shares her work, creates new flip charts, and will spend hours helping others prepare for upcoming units and lessons.  MJ's class is well managed and she stays up to date on all the new teaching techniques and approaches that are thrown at us every year.  Finally, and most importantly, MJ makes a huge difference in the lives of her students.  She teaches with kindness, love, and expects the world from her kids, and she gets it. Bravo MJ! You should be proud of all you have accomplished at Newcastle Elementary!
Here is a sneak peak of a crafty project that MJ made for her nieces over the February break.
Valentine's Day Can Surprises
1.) Find a Can and peel off the wrapper

2.) Cut off the bottom of the cans with a can opener

 3.) Fill cans up with fun surprise.

4.) Use the hot glue gun to glue the bottom back on the can.

 5.) Create labels and glue them onto the can.

6.) Package and mail!

You thought I was going to try this with Carlo?  That boy is not getting anywhere near a hot glue gun for a while. I would like to keep all my skin, thank you.

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