Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Things I Say at School

Tomorrow is report card day and in honor of the classroom stress and craziness, I have put together a list of some fun things that I have said at school. Enjoy.

1.) Please get your head out of the garbage.  It is dirty in there.

2.) Is it a good idea to staple that ribbon to your thumb?

3.) Please take the ten Mr. Sketch Markers off of each other so you can complete the art project.

4.) Is it a good choice to draw freckles on your face during break?

5.) I have decided that I need to decide about our commitee decision.

6.) I got an email asking to cut your apples into bite size pieces. (Pause.) Why do your apples need to be in bite sized pieces?

7.) Please don't use lice in your math story problem.  The thought makes my head itch.

8.) Is it a good idea to bop everyone's head as you line up at the door?

9.) Please come down from the top of the door frame.  The bell just rang and school is out.

10.) The teacher assistant did not murder these bird science specimens.  They died of natural causes.

11.) If we are mad at our friends, it is best to use our words and not poke them in the eye.

12.) Please just write your first name on your paper and leave out, "Boy of Brains and Destiny."

I wonder what I will say tomorrow...

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