Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventure #2: At the Zoo

Today when I left the house I was not sure where I was headed.  I wanted to go to the zoo but it was pouring, which does not make for great zoo weather for an almost one year old and a three year old.  I knew we were going to Seattle and I knew we were on an adventure.  Carlo asked if we were going on an adventure like Bert and Ernie's Adventures, and I said a definite, "Yes!"

As the truck drove into the city, the clouds parted and the sun shone through the trees for a minute and I knew we had to try for the zoo.  My mom always took me to the zoo as a little one, and I have fond memories of "zoo sandwiches," which are cheese, mayo and lettuce on white bread. We ate these on the lawn as we picnicked and peacocks ran around freely.  I want my boys to have some memories as well. But our zoo fun was short lived.  As it turns out, my boys' attention span at the zoo is limited to about an hour, which actually worked out because it started raining again about ten minutes after we got back into the truck.

Here Eli is barking at the goats in the zoo. 

Carlo was equally excited to see this "dune buggy" as the penguins, which we searched for through the majority of our trip.

Carlo is being a flamingo.

Eli is not sure what to make of the jaguars that were about a foot away.

Here Carlo is waddling like a penguin. 
Happy President's Day-Zoo Day!

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