Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I learned from making Cowboy Salsa

Meet Vera Hassell
The kind and loving Vera introduced me to Cowboy Salsa and I have never been the same.

If Bridget Jones were a real person, and she came to life, lived in America, and had a couple of boys, my life would be her life.  She and I both seem to muddle our way through the day to day tasks, but things turn out in the end.  Well, it's a long stretch, but I just feel like there must be a simpler way to go about life than the way I do, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, cooking is not my strongest suit.  I try, I really do, but I am not sure I succeed in a graceful manner.  Sometimes my food turns out and is edible, but more than I like to admit, I would rather throw a dish in the trash than put it into my mouth. When I am cooking I resemble a chicken running around on a farm more than a top chef commanding the kitchen; this is the case more than ever when I am cooking and watching the boys at the same time, which is most of the time. 

Today's dish was no exception.  I made Vera Hassell's famous Cowboy Salsa.  It is one of my favorite dips and I fondly refer to it as the "corn-crack" salsa in the staff room. (I am super addicted to it.)  I can't put it down once I start eating it, and I usually am not a "chip person" per say, but I love this salsa.   

Tonight, Carlo and I went shopping and then we made the salsa.  It was a hit with the family and I will attempt it again.  Here is what I learned from Vera via her Cowboys Salsa recipe:

1.) Pimentos are the things that are inside olives; thus, they are found in the olive aisle, not the canned food aisle.
Here are the beans, not the pimentos.

2.) Black eyed peas are not in the bean section.  A nice lady with four kids and dyed fire-engine red hair (who lived in Texas for a while) and had three nose rings was kind enough to help me locate these and the pimento.  She is my new best friend at Safeway.

Black eyes peas are not with the beans.  They are with the peas. Go figure.
3.) One should make a marinade in a separate bowl from the dish and then add it in.

4.) Carlo should not stir a salsa.

Carlo was excited that we were adding sugar to the marinade.  He yelled, "I love sugar!" Next, he licked the spoon., which was quickly thrown in the sink.
Upon stirring, a little ended up on the table.  Carlo neatly cleaned it up with a napkin and then wiped his oil covered hands on my shirt.  I hope it comes out.

5.) Gerardo loved the salsa and wants to try it with jalapenos added to it.

6.) I still do not know what "shoe peg" corn is and neither did the red haired lady, but the salsa still tastes great with canned corn.

In the end, the salsa was amazing and I am super glad I made it.  Thanks for the recipe Vera!

Cowboy Salsa

1 can of blackeye peas
1 can shoe peg corn
1 medium jar pimentos
1 large green pepper (chopped)
1 medium onion chopped
1 avocado chopped and added just before serving

salt and pepper to taste
2 TB Tiger Sauce (any hot sauce)
3/4 cup of sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup veg. oil

drain before serving



Laura said...

This blog is turning you into a chef

Steph said...

It is a good way for me to learn new things.