Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Super Murray Squad to the Renovation Rescue

They may look like an ordinary family, but the Murrays have super human renovation strength
Cousins Jill and John recently moved from a townhome to a new house in Chicago.  Their old townhouse was in the perfect setting, next to Starbucks, and it was comfortable, well decorated, and down-right homey; not in the the homie-G kind of way but the HGTV way.  Even though the space was tight, Jill did a great job keeping the place family-friendly and tidy; I have no idea how she managed to keep the kids' toys organized, since my own house seems to be a mish-mash of toys in drawers and matchbox cars covering the family room.

But eventually, the Morgan family outgrew their little space, times two, due to two adorable bundles of energy by the names of baby Kara and Ms. Hadley. No new mom enjoys walking up and down stairs all night for those late night feedings, and not all of the bedrooms were on the same floor in the townhouse, so a change had to be made.

And with that change, came a super human problem that rivals kryptonite; how can the Morgans change a boring and plain room into a big girl room for Hadley?  What were Jill and John to do?

Boring bedroom

So plain.  So lifeless.  It could bore Jill and John's children to death and the Super Murrays couldn't stand for that!

Luckily, Jill comes from a family with super human strength and super human skills.

They take their work very seriously.

Okay, so this obviously wasn't taken in February in Chicago during the renovation, but I think it is a cute picture.

Another out of date picture, but look how cute Kyle looks.
There are always giggles with Aunty Tiff

Loves with Aunty Meg.

The Super Murray family went down to visit Jill, and with them came an abundance of creativity and hard work by Super Idea Interiorista Meggy, Creative Paper Genius Lady Aunt Nancy, and The Man of Many Super Traits and Services, Uncle Paul, not to mention the Great Distracting Duo Kyle and Tiffany.   (Come on, what mom of an infant and two year old could pull off a reno without a little help? Certainly not me!) Hadley appreciated the help too!

Project #1 for the Super Hero Family: Tackling the Lamp

This fantastic lamp was found online and the Murrays knew it would add charm and texture to Ms. Hadley's new big girl room.  The problem was the lamp was pink, and not purple, and more money than they wanted to pay.  "What problem," says the Super Murrays, "We will figure out how to do it ourselves!"

Inspiration lamp online from Pottery Barn Kids

Find some lace with rosettes on it.
Cut the rosettes apart and glue them onto the lamp shade... and voila!

Super Murrays to the lamp shade rescue!

Project #2: The Hanging Art
Adorable hanging art that was found on Pinterest, but not the right color or theme for the room.  What was Creative Paper Genius Lady Aunt Nancy to do?

Pinterest find and idea inspiration.

Play fetch with the Super Pooch leads to a score!  I perfect branch for the artwork. Nice job Super Pooch!

Cut out birds and butterflies from craft paper and attach pins to the back
Lay out ribbon on a straight board and pin the birds and the bees, I mean the birds and the butterflies, accordingly. (Ha ha, not really that funny....) 
Here is the fun and whimsical final product!

Project #3
The decor by the bookshelf was a litle blah and not fun. 

Inspiration room found on Pinterest.  Check out the pictures in the back.

Paint a few walls, install a light fixture from IKEA, hunt for that just right piece of furniture and put it all together and you get one perfect little Ms. Hadley bedroom.  Thanks to the work of the Super Murrays!


My only question is: So, when are you going to visit me Murray family?

Love, your adoring neice, Steph.


Gale Nickels said...

Awesome job Incredible Murray family!!
Perfect room for a young lady

Steph said...

I agree Gale! They are amazing!