Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stephanie's 8 Tips and Tricks for Going to the Grocery Store With a 3 year old and an 11 month old

Tip 1: Go to the Grocery Store at 8:00am on a Saturday


I have found that the best time to go grocery shopping with your children is 8:00am on a Saturday.   If you are like me, you will inevitably be up anyway because your children wake up a 7:00 on the weekdays and weekends.  After they have crawled into your bed and cuddled, kicked, giggled, and made tents, it is best to get dressed and head directly to the store for one wonderful reason.  Nobody is there.  Go now. Go fast.

Tip 2: Buy Your Three Year Old a Starbucks "Frappuccino"

Since it is 8:00am on a Saturday, you will probably find that it is necessary to immediately proceed to the Starbucks stand in Safeway.  There I recommend buying a grande sized drink, because the talls won't be strong enough. 

I also suggest buying your three year old a "Frappuccino."  No, not the kind with coffee... Are you crazy?  Who in their right mind would give caffeine to a three and a half year old?  Carlo's "Frappuccinos" are actually chocolate milk with whip cream on top and some ice in it. Why must you  buy your three year old a drink? Well, if he is carrying a chocolate milk around the store, he will not be able to run or he will spill his favorite drink.  It is pretty genius.

Tip 3: Go to the bathroom while in the milk aisle

I must follow my own advice.  I  did not stop at the bathroom half way through my shopping trip today, and my son had to use the restroom when we were checking out again.  And the bathroom is in the back of the store.  If I had thought about it, we would have done it when we were buying milk.

Tip 4: Ask your child to pick out the Fruits and Vegetables

Carlo likes to help.  He is a fantastic helper.  He loves to put veggies and fruits into bags.  This will keep him distracted and you will actually get some help.  Mind you, the qualities he looks for in a particular fruit or vegetable might be different from your interpretation, but take it as it comes.

Cario rejected the orange on top because of "the weird butt" on the orange. He said it was "yucky."

Tip 5: Give your baby the straw from your Carmel Macchiatto so he doesn't go through your purse.

Distraction is key friends, distraction is key.

Tip 6: Make sure that your groceries are far out of reach from the 11 month old, or he will test gravity

See the salad in Eli's hand?  That was on the ground two seconds ago.

Tip 7: Buckle your child into his car seat straight away upon entering the car

This suggestion will help alleviate the stress of the dome lights in your car.  What three year old can resist pushing a nice button when he sees one?  Notice in the picture that the dome light is on.  You will wonder why it is on and which one of the three buttons will turn it off, which is difficult to figure out when you are out of the car already with the door open.  After about ten minutes of button pressing this morning, I have come to learn that in order to figure out if the dome light is off or on due to child button pushing, you must reenter the vehicle, shut the door, and press buttons until the light is off.  Otherwise, the open door will keep the light on.  Sigh. One must be smarter than the light.

Tip 8: Make your son give you a kiss on the cheek before he gets his Saturday morning donut.

It is just cute to get toddler kisses.

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