Monday, February 10, 2014

The Pro-flooring Couples: Mariel and Matt & Carlo and Gerardo


Matt and Mariel bought their first home together in 2012, an adorable townhouse in the Highlands community of Issaquah.  They were enticed to start their new family out in the suburbs in Issaquah because of the fun and young community vibe in the Highlands, the nearby shopping facilities, and proximity to transit. (Matt has to commute to Fred Hutch on Capital Hill.) 

Mariel and Matt's new townhome consits of two bedrooms, an office nook, and a wide open floorplan on the main level.  It is complete with a beautiful kitchen that is equipped with granite countertops and a backsplash.  The couple painted a few walls and made the townhome home-sweet-home. 

As Mariel and Matt grew together as a couple, they realized something was missing in their lives.  There was a small void that needed filling, and that small void was filled by a very tiny and dainty creature: Bella. 

As Bella grew , they soon realized that the flooring had to go. Great Danes and carpet do not mix well.  So Mariel and Matt rolled up their sleeves and began an adventure they would never forget: the DIY remodel of their flooring with the help of Bella the dog.

Not only is Mariel an exceptional teacher, but she can lay floors as well. 
Bella helps to make sure the subfloor is installed properly.

Matt finished the trim and the beautiful floor is complete!

Bella rests after a hard days work.

Much like Mariel and Matt, my own house needed some flooring as well.  But rather than a dog and cat causing carpet problems, I have two young sons.  Gerardo and Carlo have recently been in the hardwood flooring business.  Check out the pictures below.

Here Carlo is about the drop Gerardo's saw.

Carlo is fixing the light when Mom is out of sight.  (Dad took this picture.)

Dad, can you hand me that wrench over there?  I can't find mine.
Hmmm, maybe it's better if I stay downstairs and attempt to cook rather than know what is going on with our DIY projects.

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