Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carlo and Eli: Lawyers in Training


It was pouring again today.  I didn't have the energy to take the kids to the aquarium as planned so we went to the bouncy house (a madhouse is a better name for that place) but the kids had a great time.  And we visited Grandpa at his law firm for lunch.

There is no better time like the present to teach my boys that they can become anything they set their minds' to when they grow up, and after this trip to the law firm, I am pretty sure they want to be lawyers.  

Here is what Carlo and Eli learned about what lawyers do during their day.

Lesson 1: Lawyers get to repeatedly ring a bell on the receptionist desk upon entering and exiting the office.
Lesson 2:
Eli learned that lawyers have cool pulley things on their windows that are super fun to put in your mouth and tease your mom with.

Lesson 3:
Carlo learned that clients will give you toy dump trucks as payment for doing trainings in Vegas and then you can play with the dump trucks and garbage trucks in the conference room.

Lesson 4:
Tape is great tool to use when building a road on the conference table.

 Lesson 5:
The rolling chairs are super fun to race around the room in. 

Lesson 6:
Eli learned that the plants in Grandpa's office are very tasty as well and are a great dessert after the cord pulleys.

I am very proud of my aspiring attorneys and I look forward to seeing their names in the Harvard Law yearbook.

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