Saturday, February 15, 2014

Adventures to come....

Next week is my February break for work, so I get a week to play with the boys and have a "stay-cation."  After much thought about how I should spend my precious time with the kids, I have come to the conclusion that we will go on an adventure each day.  Here are some of my adventures that I have planned:

Sunday: Family time in Everett with the De Jesus clan
Monday: Woodland Park Zoo (weather permitting)
Tuesday: Pike Place Market and Aquarium
Wednesday: Whidby Island (Is that how you spell Whidby?)- Note, I misspelled it again... :(
Thursday: Volunteering at Carlo's preschool
Friday: TBD (I might go to Portland with my mom)

Don't worry.  I will keep you posted on our adventures in the Pacific Northwest. :)  Who knows what will happen when you leave a mom alone with two kids?

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Laura said...

It is Whidbey, yo.