Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to do a "Snow Day, Fun Day" right

This morning it snowed.  I know, no big deal for those of you on the east coast of our country, but here in the Pacific Northwest, a snow day is like an unexpected holiday.   In Seattle, when it snows, you must drop whatever you are doing and stay home.   Three inches of snow will cancel school and let all the teachers and kids play.  Shh, don't tell any kids this, but here is an insider secret: most teachers are just as excited as the kids, if not more excited, for school to be cancelled due to snow.

My boys and I were no exception to the "Snow Day, Fun Day" mantra.  After all, we were all born and bred here in Seattle.   Here are the neighborhood steps to having a great time in the snow:

Step 1: Get Dressed

What I forgot about snow days though, was the getting dressed part.  I am pretty positive that dressing and getting ready for the fun outside in the snow actually takes longer than the time we spend outside. 
We found our boots.  They were under the toys and behind the magazine rack of course.  I don't know why I didn't look there earlier.

After some arguing, hunting around for multiple pairs of socks, and throwing on three shirts and five coats, we were off.  No, Eli's socks don't match, because two matching socks never seem to come out of the drier at the same time.

Carlo is wearing my hat here. 

Step 2: Put your baby in the stroller

Yes, he is under a robe.  I am not sure why I didn't look for a blanket. There really isn't a good reason that I can think of.
Eli's best girl, Ellee, joins him in a cuddle in the snow.

Step 3: Have a snowball fight

Dad has the height advantage.  Here he is installing hardwood floors and throwing snowballs at Carlo at the same time.  He is multi-talented.

Step 4: Build a snowman

Grace is teaching Carlo how to build a snowman here.  Carlo is initially more interested in throwing snowballs at me and Ellee than building a snowman.

Carlo takes it easy while Grace does the majority of the work.

Step 5: Find a carrot

Carlo and Grace decide that every good snowman needs a carrot nose.  We run home, and grab carrots out of the fridge.  Due to a carrot dispute regarding who gets to carry the carrot to the snowman and install it, we decide that we have to make a snowman family and each child gets to put on a carrot nose. 

Aren't they the snowman-snowwoman happy couple?

Eli wanted to join in on the snow fun, so after yelling for about a minute, I let him crawl around in the snow.  Needless to say, we were inside about 2 minutes later.
Step 6: Have hot cocoa and carrots for a snack

  Cross your fingers for more snow and another snow day tomorrow!

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Laura said...

We built two snowmen too!