Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Jello-Shot Secret Recipe Ever, but I Lost it...

Sandy Genereaux: AKA Jello-Shot Maker Queen

There are many new things I learn as a teacher.  My students teach me how to create origami, that the coolest things ever are "bombs" made from Popsicle sticks that are woven together and explode when you throw them on the ground, and that all younger brothers are obsessed with red and have temper tantrums.  I also found out during lessons on racial equality that eight year olds aren't really sure if Michael Jackson was black or white and that the trash in the recyclable bin is really just treasure in disguise. 
However, I learn lessons during lunch in the staff lounge as well.  Recently, Sandy Genereaux has renewed my interest in jello shots.  Sandy is the queen of jello-shots on the Tukwila golf courses, and I had no idea. (This is a little known secret at Newcastle that I learned this year.)  She creates concoctions with jello that send men speeding on motorized golf carts; they come flying from miles away, or maybe just four holes, but that is still pretty far.  Sandy has researched recipes online and found the perfect proportions of jello and alcohol to help jiggle a true golfer's gut and taste like a candy drink going down.  Sandy also introduces the jello-shot love to friends at Christmas parties and enjoys the leftovers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Fridays as well.   There really isn't a bad time for a jello-shot, is there?
Well, all this talk of jello shots really got me craving them again, so when I visited my sister in Vancouver with my mom, I knew we had to make them.  (Jello shots really aren't a recipe I could try with Carlo after all.) And I have Sandy to thank for it because she directly increased my fun level last weekend by reintroducing the fruity and jiggly adult dessert to me.   But somehow in the fun, I lost her recipe... I'll let you know if it turns up!  However, I remember the trick.  Sandy said the true way to make jello shots correctly is to buy flavorless gelatin and let the alcohol and juice be the flavor, so it is just like a drink, only not.  There.  Now you know.  I hope you have as much fun as we did with these.
Mom: Okay, I'll get strawberry and raspberry.  You only live once.
Mom: What is YOLO?
Me: You only live once.  My fifth graders taught me that at yearbook signing time.

Shopping sans children.  Look, I have a magazine and coffee in my hands at the same time.

Sandy said freezers speed up the process and we needed these immediately.
Ben and Mom

Jello shots with a picture of Laura's favorite magician in Vegas. Yes, she was called on stage and "disappeared."

Mom makes a polyvore picture and titles it this mid-jello shot evening.  The polyvore picture has dogs and cats lounging all over the furniture. Mom doesn't love animals. At all.

 Yeah, I'll let you know if that jello shot recipe ever turns up.  Cheers!


Nancy Murray said...

You have until July 25 to find it. That is when your MI aunts & uncles invade the lake house. :-)

Laura said...

Enough will this constant flood of inquiries... No, I will not tell you how David Copperfield makes people disappear

Steph said...

Notice how I did not post that information, as I am now officially "the press" with my blog.